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We Are Your Business Paced, Culture-Based Frictionless IT Resources

Managing enterprise systems, applications and services for today requires remarkable agility, security and speed. Enterprise leadership continues to face increasing, often unprecedented challenges to current business models and operational expectations.

Speed, Security and Scale for your AWS Architecture

How you build in AWS determines the overall simplicity, complexity or technical load of your AWS instance. With a holistic, cross-disciplinary approach to the inherent risks of cloud infrastructure, Build Today builds right, from the start. Employing security by identity, the foundation of AWS, and leading pillars and principles of cloud security, we operationalize continuous compliance for improved security, development and operations.

Architecting with a security mindset, our technical resources employ the principles of the AWS-Well Architected Framework and Operational Excellence to build high-performing, resilient, insightful and efficient infrastructure to:

Our on-demand technical resources, culturally aligned teams and AWS Day-One Framework enhances stability and security at unrivaled speeds. Architect and build safer, more secure, more stable AWS solutions faster with a proven, holistic, cross-disciplinary security mindset.

From Reactive to Proactive

Root causes of vulnerability are trust – trust in individuals and applications and the lateral movements across environments.

Zero Trust
Simple concepts realized with Existing tech that:

  • Mitigate threats and inherent vulnerabilities
  • Facilitates and continually validates for secure access

Zero Trust Principles
Built Directly Into Development Lifecycles

  • Reduce exploit potential and attack surfaces
  • Enables faster, more secure product iteration and development

Your enterprise becomes more resilient, proactively engaging in threat mitigation with on-demand resources and tools.

Our intentional technical resources rapidly assess, address and deliver specific Zero Trust initiatives that transform your business, uncovering solutions to mitigate real-time threats, on demand.

Trusted Talent

Culturally aligned, project-specific resources, drawn from our trusted pool of talented, engaging and known technical professionals can accommodate the needs of your specific project or business initiative. Build Today resources provide decades of experience in all areas of engineering project lifecycles, including secure design, implementation, performance monitoring, and quality assurance.

On-demand resources can be rapidly deployed, as you need them, with the advance purchase of available hours. Recruitment and permanent resource placement services are also available, with talent specifically aligned to meet your operational or departmental culture and character, as well as project specific skills, for long term success and the delivery of specific and rapid solutions.

We execute advanced projects with the right people, harmoniously aligned with a nuanced understanding of operational psychology and DevOps processes. Our certified, intentional technical resources rapidly deliver specific solutions, collectively drawing on experience across the platforms, technologies and environments that support global enterprise today.

With proven DoD CSSP compliant tools, strategies and processes we rapidly uncover vulnerabilities and identify opportunities for zero trust initiatives in your enterprise for improved security, increased resilience and new operational potential.

On Demand

Rapidly address technical challenges, and emergent demands, on demand, as an operating expense, with Build Today.


Aligning character, culture and skills from a trusted talent pool for long term company and candidate success with short recruit times.