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Our vision is to build a new era of consumption for IT services, providing instant access to the industry's best US-based IT talent.


Companies We Work With

We know, You are Dealing With...

Shrinking Technical Expertise

• Academic programs fail to keep pace with advances

• Graduates lack necessary skills, qualifications and exposure

• Regional conflicts impact offshore resources

• Security requirements reducing available options

• Slow paced recruitment and onboarding

Threats, Culture and Vulnerability

• Cost savings and earnings expectations created a culture of “Good Enough IT”
• Threats to systems, operations and data continue to proliferate
• Internal teams remain limited in scope and experience
• A lack of diversity and inclusivity leading to equity challenges, cultural friction and staffing difficulties

Budgets and Capital Expenditures

• Recruitment and retention are costly, time-consuming capital expenses
• Internal teams lack exposure, insights and critical expertise
• Antiquated business systems and protocols create vulnerabilities
• Competitive landscapes require ever-increasing speed and agility

Build Today is your partner for talent shortages, acquisition bottlenecks, diversity efforts and imminent threat landscapes.

Technologies We Support​

Trusted Talent

Rapidly address technical challenges, deliver on project requirements and emerging demands quickly and effectively, on demand, as operating expenses, or through the placement of skilled, culturally aligned technical resources from our trusted talent pool.

Optimized AWS

Ensure consistent implementation of AWS “six pillars of operational excellence” and a solid foundational AWS architecture with a proven, holistic and cross-disciplinary approach to AWS environments that delivers on expectations and requirements.

Zero Trust

Assess and mitigate real-time threats and deliver specific, truly transformative zero trust initiatives on AWS and other cloud configurations with experienced, cross-disciplinary technical resources aligned to your culture, business and project needs.

Speed and Security, On-Demand, Build Today

We provide dedicated, on-demand technical resources to address current operational complexities and increased technical demands for Cybersecurity.


Architecting with a security mindset, our technical resources employ the principles of the AWS-Well Architected Framework and Operational Excellence to build safer, more secure, more stable AWS solutions faster with a proven, holistic, cross-disciplinary security mindset.

Purpose-Built Teams From Our Professional Network

With our subscription-style service, you purchase resource hours to support specific projects, augment established teams or implement zero trust initiatives for teams or in departments. Our resources are always culturally aligned and purpose-driven so you get to work and deliver.

Larger enterprise initiatives

Build Today provides unique, industry changing benefits for specific projects or as augmented team resources.

Build Today provides recruitment and permanent resource placement services for select clients and projects.

Aligning character, culture and skills for long term company and candidate success

Short Recruitment Lead Times (<1 month)

Percentage of Annual Salary as One-Time Fee

Selected Directly From Our Known and Trusted Talent Pool (not agencies)